Turesh Omari

"I'm Logistics Officer Omari..which is a fancy way of saying shuttle pilot"


Mon Calamari
Ace Pilot
A Passionate Idealist.

Duty: Space Superiority
Motivations: Freedom (Belief),


After witnessing the invasion of his home planet and Empire troops sitting stubbornly on his planet’s doorstep like an unwelcome angry stray, Turesh refused to stand by and do nothing. Inspired by paragons of his people doing good in the Alliance, Turesh joined the Rebel Alliance with big dreams of dogfighting tie-fighters.

Upon arrival, with his little training, Turesh found himself acting taxi to new recruits, and his hope of making a difference fading. Day in and day out he taxied recruits while glancing mournfully at his small x-wing model. He dreamed of what he could do if he was just given a chance to fly in a real starfighter squadron. Then one day the training centre was attacked. After a dramatic escape worthy of famous play-wrights, Turesh found himself the pilot of a YT-2400 Freighter. Not quite the x-wing he was hoping for, but it has sparked his hopes anew for the future…


Turesh Omari

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