C. Sharpe

A relatively silent diplomat sent to accrue supplies for the Rebellion.


Diplomat Quartermaster
Calculated Conversationalist

Duty: Resource Acquisition
Motivation: Connection (Political)


A relatively silent diplomat sent to accrue supplies for the Rebellion. She acts as an ambassador for the ‘Crows’, a clan residing on the insular world of Byss, where outerworld allegiances are founded only upon trade agreements.

The various clans of Byss are of many traditions, and hence members are found to be somewhat odd to offworlders. Crows, for instance, are known for masking their faces in public with large bird skulls. So loyally in fact, that some argue that the clan may not have as many members as it lets on, as they all look the same from the outside. To further their anonymity, Crows tend to go by their first initial. Despite these various rules and mannerisms, Crows also known to be sharp tongued and somewhat chaotic, favoring mischief just as much as the ‘loot’ they collect.

While loyal to her clan, C. has not always been looked upon fondly by her fellow Crows, who find her too compassionate to collect a big haul. It’s for this reason that she was sent to supply the Rebels, as the clan did not expect many returns from the agreement. Knowing this, she aims to prove herself by finding significant gains within her new position.

C’s brothers and sisters (D ,E ,F , G, A & B) pursue antics around the galaxy, and run into her from time to time…despite her best efforts. Although wiser than most, C is much younger then she let’s on, making her the youngest of her siblings. Which is about as pleasant as one would expect.


C. Sharpe

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