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  • Ar Ventas

    Ar smirks as she calculates, counts, and checks off what goes in and out of the supply line. With half her people under the thumb of the Empire, Ar happily aids the Rebellion in whatever way she can.

  • Navo Tanu

    Navo has a rough scar going from where was once his left ear all the way down his jaw and reeks of disgust for the Empire. He used to make quite the living as a prominent bounty hunter in the days of the Republic, but soon after it fell, the Empire began …

  • Vash Lora

    Vash has short dirty blonde hair and has a black band tied around his upper left bicep. Vash lost his wife in a peaceful political protest on Corellia by the Empire several years prior. He’s angry and bitter and determined to do whatever he can to stop …

  • Yaccar

    Yaccar is a young chestnut-red wookie. He’s only about 5”5 feet tall and, if you were to translate his age (about 50 years), it would translate to about 15 years old for humans. Since he wears only a sash and no military insignia, he is often mistaken for …

  • Sanna Autem

    Sanna is the commander of a 7th Regiment (Technicians) fire team focused on operating in support of other units. She has long red hair, much of which is often braided to keep from falling in her face as she works. She has a stern look on her face and …

  • Salu Otran

    Salu is an dark orange Mon Cal. He is what some call the right hand to the General. He is often seen following General Rieekan around with a clipboard and taking copious amounts of notes. If you need the General, you talk to him first.

  • Carlist Rieekan

    General Rieekan is a human male from Alderaan. He stands with an air of gravitas but, as a Clone Wars veteran, seems to be willing to do the gritty work too. He’s approachable and kind, but stern.

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