Navo Tanu

"Fear is a disease... so get over it."


Male Rodian

Rebel Alliance: Military, Senior Trooper
Rebel Location: Echo Base, or wherever a mission takes him


Navo has a rough scar going from where was once his left ear all the way down his jaw and reeks of disgust for the Empire. He used to make quite the living as a prominent bounty hunter in the days of the Republic, but soon after it fell, the Empire began to restrict bounty hunter licenses and only accepted those willing to work on their behalf. Rogue bounty hunting was dangerous and the money just wasn’t enough.

With that, Navo grudgingly joined the Alliance in hopes of restoring his ability to hunt for whomever he wished and for however much he demanded. With his sharp eye, he’s turned scout for the Alliance’s newest base.

Navo Tanu

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