Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

RECAP! Episode Two: The Onslaught

Empire stormtroopers discovered and invaded the Rebel Alliance’s secret training centre. A daring escape left the Rebel Alliance scattered. Shocked with losing one of the transports full of new recruits to the Empire, a ragtag group of new recruits managed to find their way past Empire forces, and save the life of Lieutenant Commander Wreck, the grizzled ex-clone trooper turned Rebel.

After getting safely away from the blockade, the crew discovered a tracking device on their ship, forcing them to quickly alert the other ships, knowing a spy is aboard one of the escaped Rebel starships.

Lieutenant Commander Wreck is alive and resting, and gave one murmured order as he slipped in and out of consciousness… “Hoth… get… to… Hoth”.

The crew enters hyperspace and heads for Hoth.


Tess_KC Tess_KC

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