Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

RECAP! Episode One: Escape

A group of rebels found themselves at the main secret training centre for the Rebel Alliance. Training procedures are proceeding as normal, but little do they know that someone has betrayed the Alliance to the Galactic Empire.

The Training Centre was on high alert, as sensors had picked up an Imperial Class-I Star Destroyer on the radar. Lieutenant Commander Wreck (CC-2276), a grizzled ex-clone trooper, there to survey the recruits and keep watch on the Destroyer, ordered evacuation as soon as the alarm went off in the centre.

A ragtag group of rebels made their way to a ship, almost deserting Wreck behind as he insisted they run for their lives. He managed to get onto the freighter as they escaped and now lays dying as the rebels try to escape the Empire blockage…


Tess_KC Tess_KC

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